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Should you require pure water systems in an industrial application, there is only one company to cooperate with. Whatever your requisite purpose, the pure water systems you use must be the very best. Such systems purify water until virtually no traces of contamination remain. The resulting purified water is safe to drink and useful for many different applications. To give but one example, the system can be to transform salt. DeionX happily advises you about their state-of-the-art products and solutions. Read on to discover the various applications.

Choose the pure water systems that best fit your various applications

DeionX offers their range of pure water systems to the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Each of their various systems has its own specific advantages for a determined application, providing clean and usable water for any intended use. As a very experienced company DeionX offers more than just water purification systems. Should you require it, they can assist you by installing your brand-new pure water systems. In addition, they offer worldwide 24/7 year-round tech support to their customers. This ensures you always get the best service if you should encounter a technical issue. Regularly scheduled maintenance is also a part of DeionX’s total service. Such servicing keeps your machines always running in tip-top shape.

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If you want to maintain the integrity of your pipe branch connections, a barred tee can provide it. However, you must ensure that the size of the bars in the barred tee are small enough, so as not to restrict the flow from the pipe branch while still preventing breakage of the cleaning pig. In this manner you can guarantee absolute safety when conducting your pipe cleanings. So, where can you obtain an excellent barred tee? Pipingmarket.eu offers its customers a wide range of piping products, of which barred tees are but one option. With many years of industry experience, look no further for the partner in piping products.

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  • When you are finished shopping, review your quote and make changes if required.
  • Are you finished? Then click the ‘Submit quote request’ button.

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The chemical composition and minerals


Each mineral has its own unique chemical composition and internal structure, with which the atoms are arranged within the crystal lattice. The crystal lattice determines the shape and fission of the crystals that make up the mineral. In some crystal lattices the atoms are closer together than in others, these minerals are denser. Minerals with the same chemical composition are called polymorphs. Diamond, for example, is a polymorph of graphite, both minerals consist of pure carbon, but diamond has a denser crystal structure. Under high pressure, graphite can convert to diamond, such a transition from one polymorphic to another is called a phase transition.

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Chemical composition
Which minerals are present in a rock depends in the first place on the chemical composition of the rock. A rock that contains enough silica (SiO2, the oxide of the element silicon) may contain quartz or another mineral consisting of pure silica. The rock-forming minerals consist almost exclusively of nine elements (silicon, sodium, potassium, aluminium, oxygen, hydrogen, iron, magnesium and calcium). Together, these elements make up 98% of the total mass of the continental earth’s crust.

Most rocks consist mainly of silicates, minerals that contain silica. Almost all coagulation rocks and most sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are included. An important exception is carbonate rock, which consists of carbonates (compounds of carbonate, CO32-). Examples of carbonate rocks are limestone, marble and dolostone. There are other exceptions, such as halite (rock salt) and gypsum are also not silicates.

This breccy is an example of a clastical rock in which the cliffs (dark) of the matrix can be clearly distinguished. Because the cliffs all consist of the same limestone, the distinction is sharp. Location: slope of the Devínska Kobyla in the Slovakian Small Carpathians. Age: Early Jurassic.
Two rocks with the same chemical composition do not have to contain the same minerals. Whether a certain mineral could be formed in a rock depends on the temperature and pressure that prevailed in the rock and the composition of any liquids that flowed through the rock.

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Some rocks consist exclusively of minerals, the crystals of which have grown together, they are crystalline substances. However, there are also rocks that consist of fragments of minerals or dead organisms. Such fragments are called claws and these rocks are called clastic rocks. Examples are sand (and sandstone), clay, conglomerate or breccy. Some clastic rocks consist of very different claws: pieces of different types of rocks or minerals, fragments of shells, plant remains or fossils. However, there are also clastical rocks in which all or most of the claws have the same composition.

An important concept when describing rocks is the texture of a rock. This refers to the external properties on a small scale, which are present everywhere in the rock. In the case of a crystalline rock, this includes, for example, the size and shape of the crystals; in the case of clastic rocks, this includes the size and shape of the cliffs. Also important is how much volume is taken up by claws and how much by the matrix (all the material in between the claws).

Some rocks have minerals or cliffs that are predominantly in a certain direction. Whether and how strong this is the case is called the “fabric” of the rock. The product is part of the texture of a rock.

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Rock destruction

A soil profile indicating soil horizons. The O-Horizont consists of organic material, which has become humus in the A-Horizont. Due to leaching from the upper O-horizont there is little left of the parent rock in the B-horizont; in the C-horizont the parent rock is still visibly present, although it is weathered. Under the C horizont is then the bare parent rock (R).


The natural degradation of rocks is called weathering. Weathering occurs through chemical, physical and biological processes. Physical weathering includes, for example, rock fragmentation due to freezing of water (frost weathering).

It does not change the chemical composition of the rock, but causes it to disintegrate into smaller pieces. Chemical weathering occurs when rocks come into contact with the atmosphere or ground water so that chemical reactions take place and the chemical composition of the rock changes. Certain components of the rock can be dissolved and removed. Biological weathering is all weathering as if it were


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The woods dual power Car and the amount of success


Up to 1918, 600 examples were built. The Woods Dual Power was not a commercial success. It was too expensive and drove too slowly compared to the conventional petrol car. In addition, the maintenance of the hybrid propulsion was expensive.

In the period after the Second World War until 1990 there have been several developments in the technology of both hybrid and electric cars. Such as the regeneration of electrical energy during braking for charging the batteries. Electronic circuits were also used that provided for intelligent cooperation between the petrol engine and the electric motor in the event that more or less power was required. These developments were mainly for small-scale experiments and were encouraged by governments in America, Europe and Japan with the aim of making fossil fuel cars more economical and reducing harmful emissions.

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The real breakthrough of the hybrid electric car came in the late 1990s. To respond to the public and political desire to reduce fuel consumption (CO2 emissions) and pollutant emissions from combustion engine cars, the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation decided in 1997 to launch a gasoline-electric hybrid car on the market. 

It became the Toyota Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car. Initially only available in Japan, the Prius became available in the U.S. and Europe in an improved version in 2001. Initially sales were slow, but from 2003 when the second generation Prius appeared (type XW20 see photo), the model became more popular in both the US and Europe.

Shortly after, other manufacturers had also introduced a hybrid car to the market, including the Honda Insight. HEV’s get a clear position in the market and until now there are more and more manufacturers that provide their models with hybrid propulsion. The development of the all-electric car and the plug-in hybrid car, a HEV in which the battery can be charged with a plug, has also taken place.

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An important negative factor of the HEV is the relatively high purchase price that is caused by the high production and development costs. The government’s incentives are therefore a major support for the sales of HEVs. When purchasing a hybrid car, one receives a purchase premium or the car is (partially) exempt from purchase or use tax, as in the US, Canada, Japan and a number of countries in Europe, including the Netherlands.

Since 2008, due to economic decline, unstable oil prices and the environmental issue of global climate change, there has been a great need for new innovative developments in the Western world.

In general, it is considered that the greenhouse gas CO2, caused by human activities such as the combustion of coal and gas in power stations and the use of petrol and diesel for cars, plays an important role in global climate change. In addition, people are also aware that the availability of fossil fuels on our planet (such as oil, gas and coal) is not infinite.

It is difficult to predict future developments to attract the economy and solve the climate problem. How long will the conventional car with petrol and diesel engine continue to exist? To what extent will the hybrid car and the electric car replace the conventional car? Will there be a whole new development? Today’s society cannot be compared to that of the early 1900s, when the Lohner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid was driving around. In the coming decades it will be determined which direction will be taken for the automobile but also for mobility in general. However, history has taught us that major changes are possible, as is the step from the horse-drawn carriage to the automobile of today.

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Land transport is as old as history. First, pack animals were used, then the invention of the wheel, which made it possible to use carts, both for transporting goods and passengers. The luxury version of the cart became the carriage. This was gradually improved over the years, first with suspension systems and later with the addition of brakes.

The discovery of steam power at the beginning of the 17th century led to the invention of several machines, including ventilation pumps used in English mines. Many inventors tried to use that steam power to propel themselves.

The first to do so, as far as we know, was Père Verbiest, a Belgian Jesuit who lived as a missionary in China at the end of the 17th century. He built a scale model of a steam-powered cart. The Emperor found this extremely amusing, but the project was never carried out. 


A company that offers grab cranes for a variety of projects


Working on a big construction project? You’ll be needing some robust equipment to get the job done in time! No matter the scale of your project, PLM Cranes has the right cranes for any job. These cranes are heavy-duty and can be relied upon for any project in any industry. All of this company’s products are designed from the ground up as made-to-measure solutions. This allows PLM Cranes to offer every client the best possible design, materials and components. Their most efficient and thus most requested products are their grab cranes, though they offer many more machines. Hoist cranes, marine cranes and drop ball cranes are all available from PLM Cranes.

Bespoke grab cranes for any job scale

With 50 years of crane building experience, PLM Cranes can tell you exactly which crane technology you’ll be needing for your next project. As such, you’ll be doing your best work with grab cranes from PLM Cranes, made exactly to fit your wishes. You have the option of choosing from a variety of different drives:

  • Diesel-hydraulic (D-H)
  • Electric-hydraulic (E-H)
  • Diesel-electric (D-E)
  • Fully electric (E)

The next step is choosing between 2-rope or 4-rope grab cranes. PLM Cranes will also tailor the machine’s lifting capacity to your intended area of use. In terms of undercarriages, you can choose from pedestal, gantry, rail, rubber tires and crawler options. It’s all in your hands!

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Are you comparing multiple manufacturers of firelighters and do you need to make up your mind? Then it is a good idea to think about the environment. Most firelighters manufacturers do not create eco-friendly solutions for lighting anything, for example your barbecue or your fireplace. Fire-Up International has invested greatly in the sustainability of their products and production. They keep in mind the quality, safety, but also the environment and the health of their users. Read on to discover what products they offer and how they try to make an important ecological difference in this world.

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Offering a great selection of environmentally friendly sustainable firestarters, Fire-Up International is at the forefront of green firelighters. With products made from 100% renewable biological materials, their CO2-neutral status is unique in the market. Light your barbecue, fireplace or stove with ease and without having to worry a lot about the environment. This company offers charcoal, briquettes and firelighters. The iconic brown firelighters are by far the most sustainable option and available in a lot of stores. Fire-Up International products have made it to supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centers all over the world. Will your store be the next to offer these quality wares, made by the best manufacturers of firelighters?

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If there is any company that is specialised in importing cars from abroad, then it is Marlog Car Handling. This company operates worldwide, having built the right expertise to import all kinds of cars from Dubai, Japan or other places in the world. The specialists of this company have done so through excellent preparation, organization and by arranging the right agreements with foreign car dealers. Thanks to their experience, it was no big deal to set up a network which will offer great benefits to every player in the international car trading field. They have partnered up with local specialists from Dubai, Japan and many other countries to import cars from abroad, without any problems. They take care of all aspects of the import process, including the documentation.

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Inland transport, ocean freight and handling, arranging licenses, payment intermediation– all aspects of the car import process are managed by Marlog Car Handling. Do you need only several services because you have arranged a few of them by yourself? That will not be a problem. Just communicate your preferences to this company and they will offer you custom service, as complete as possible. Import and export documents can be arranged by this company as well. Soon you will drive your favorite, exclusive car with the help of these international car trade specialists!

Comprar Bitcoin es de las formas de inversión más sencillas que existen actualmente


Se habla con frecuencia de comprar cryptocurrency, y entre lo que destaca más es el comprar Bitcoin. También, algo que se comenta es el riesgo de las inversiones en el campo de las monedas virtuales o Altcoins, pues se trata de un mercado todavía relativamente nuevo. Lo que hay de cierto en esto es que, antes de lanzarse a hacer cualquier inversión, conviene ser precavidos y conocer bien el terreno, siendo aconsejable tener algunos conocimientos sobre qué son las cryptocurrencies y si es o no buena idea adquirirlas para poder tomar la decisión correcta.

Comprar Bitcoin es seguro y puede convertirse en un recurso para la jubilación

Para poder valorar si comprar cryptocurrency es acertado o no, hay que remontarse a los orígenes de este sector. En 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto lanzó una moneda virtual e independiente que responde solo a la ley de la oferta y la demanda. Su intención era la de liberalizar las divisas de la manipulación política y mercantil, convirtiendo el sistema monetario en algo únicamente dependiente de la sociedad. A día de hoy, cientos de empresas se han sumado al proyecto y en todos los países encontramos compañías que emiten sus propias monedas virtuales. Comprar Bitcoin, además de ser una inversión atractiva, implica apoyar los fundamentos de la economía descentralizada.

Cómo comprar cryptocurrency de forma segura y no morir en el intento

Como se señalaba anteriormente, existen diversas Altcoins regidas por algoritmos distintos. Entonces se plantean algunas cuestiones, en caso de invertir, como por ejemplo, ¿hay que comprar Bitcoin únicamente? ¿Es posible y deseable comprar cryptocurrency de otro tipo? Lo más recomendable es adquirir aquellas que lleven un tiempo en el mercado y que ya hayan demostrado su solidez. Para hacerse con ellas solo hay que recurrir a plataformas digitales como Bitladon, donde, de manera fácil y, en cuestión de minutos, un usuario puede registrarse y acceder a sus primeras Altcoins disponibles.