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Sustainable window mannequins

BONAMI is a company, situated at Aalter, in Belgium, that is qualified in the designing and creation of tailor made window mannequins. Every mannequin is sustainable and will really maximize the potential of your shop. They have a very strong vision when it comes to combining high quality design with sustainability. After several years they succeeded in the creation of high quality, unique design, tailor fit mannequins and sustainable materials in all of their full body window mannequins, female and male versions. This company therefore uses the material, Bonplast, which has lots of advantages.

The sustainable material in the mannequins of this company

Are you looking for a reliable company in Belgium with who you can order tailor made full body female mannequins or window mannequins of any other kind? Then BONAMI is the name you need to know. They are specialised in creating eco-friendly mannequins for every type of client. The material Bonplast they use is a lightweight material that makes it efficient and easy to dress the mannequins. It is 100% recyclable, and unbreakable and durable, which eliminates marking and damages. This is a material of the future for the making of window mannequins of any kind. Bonplast has a high resistance to both heath and cold, which is an important consideration when shipping across global climates without getting influenced by the temperature fluctuations. Besides all these advantages, all the window mannequins can be made in virtually any colour.

Imagine it and it becomes reality

Go for window mannequins that are fully recyclable and still stand strong in their design. Take a look at and get inspired by their previous works. Go for child, male or female mannequins in full body or busts. Everything is possible, as long as you can imagine it. Choose to stand out with these exceptional mannequins.