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This artist translates your wishes into custom paintings

Have you always dreamed of having a painting commissioned just for you? Ellen De Vylder loves creating artwork based on your preferences and wishes. She is an artist from Belgium, who lives near the city of Antwerp. Her love and fascination for art began at a young age and bloomed into a fulltime career. Her inspiration comes from experiences she stumbles upon in her daily life. Each and every painting starts from a colour obsession, a dream or even a feeling. Except for her custom paintings of course. If you choose to buy custom art pieces from her, she will invest her time in a close collaboration. She prioritizes staying in contact with you, the buyer, throughout the entire process. Usually, it takes her about four to six weeks to finish a commissioned piece. Patience is a virtue, my friend.

Enjoy the warmth and charm of unique artwork in your home

Her talent lies within abstract, contemporary art. Since this art styles revolves around colours, with custom paintings, the choice is always up to you. You can choose certain colours because they fit your home’s aesthetic perfectly or just because you like the shades in the question. When looking at her previous work, you will notice that there are multiple possibilities. Request an original painting and customize it to your desire. From picking its colours to deciding what size you want or even multiple canvases. In the end, she will create something that is utterly yours. Invest in her time and talent and we can guarantee you will not regret it!

Escape reality with her custom abstract art

For Ellen, making her art is a way of escaping reality and detaching herself from day-to-day life. By creating custom paintings she offers you a chance to do the same. Get lost in the colour palette and the magic of the abstract shapes. Think of a story behind it and simply enjoy her beautiful creation. If you would love to get an idea of what she could do for you: visit her website or social media channels. She frequently updates all of the above with her latest work. Check it out!