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Exploring the best Parker Watermaker for fresh water production on-board

A Parker Watermaker is a state-of-the-art design to produce fresh water on board of a vessel, whether this is a leisure vessel or an offshore location. Whether you are on land or on board, fresh water is a necessity. Thanks to the water converters from AquaControl Marine, like the Parker Watermaker, you are never without fresh water to drink, cook or clean. Have you been looking for a full water tank or are you in need of a model that is more convenient for a solo cruiser? Whatever it is you are looking for, AquaControl Marine has a suitable Parker Watermaker for you!  

What is the best model for a solo cruiser?

One of the most accessible lines of the Parker Watermaker is the PRO line. The Parker PRO Watermaker is especially designed to fit space restrictions while still producing the same amount of fresh water as the larger models. In addition, this Watermaker from Parker has a very small footprint, ensuring its energy consumption is minimized to fit the standards of your vessel. The main components are all easily accessible, making maintenance or reparations rather straightforward if needed. Thanks to the low AC power consumption you are certain of its compatibility with your vessel, making it the perfect choice for a solo cruiser like a sail or small power boat.

Receive additional information on the production of fresh water

AquaControl Marine distributes its professional Parker Watermaker globally. This means every company in the global marine & offshore market benefits from the service-oriented approach these professionals deliver. Would you like to know more about the specifics of the professional Parker Watermaker from AquaControl Marine? Make sure to contact the experts by phoning them or send them an email. They are more than happy to help you find the perfect solution.