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Reduce calcium deficiency in dairy cows

Calcium deficiency in dairy cows can be reduced by using economically feasible feed additives and supplements. These additives and supplements are produced by Kimtec International. This company provide state of the art, high quality products that are suitable for maintaining animal health. A great example is the health of dairy cows. All the products of this company are unique and produced under high quality control standards like GMP and HACCP. Please feel free to get in touch. The staff of this company is happy to assist and find a solution that completely fit your needs. See what Kimtec International has to offer and view their products online.

Reduce calcium deficiency in dairy cows by using KatAn®

You can decrease milk fever thanks to Kimtec International. Sounds interesting, right? When reducing calcium deficiency in dairy cows, you can use anionic salts like KatAn®. This is one of the high-quality products that consists of potent and palatable anionic salts, developed for cows especially after calving. With KatAn® you can resolve the calcium deficiency in dairy cows, and therefore milk fever. Kimtec International is represented in many countries and well-known for its outstanding quality. Therefore, they distribute products globally to an extensive customer base consisting of dairy farm owners, dairy consultants and companies in the animal feed industry.

Reduce calcium deficiency in dairy cows with one of the additives or supplements

Are you wondering what Kimtec International can do for you in terms of feed additives and supplements? Please feel free to get in touch with this organization. Because their products are distributed globally, they can easily ship you order to the desired country. Quality feed additives and supplements, that is what you are guaranteed of. No need to look further for products to reduce calcium deficiency in dairy cows. There is always a solution that fit the needs for your company. Kimtec International has state of the art products based on production processes like e.g. Lipcap and Masktech developed by the R & D department.