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Discover an extensive range of flue dampers

When looking for flue dampers, you want them to offer optimal performance for your boiler system and the guarantee they will last a long time. These dampers are installed in the connection pipe between a boiler and the chimney and close the flue gas path. Therefore, boiler flue dampers have to be able to withstand high temperatures and tough conditions. If you want the guarantee of high-quality boiler flue dampers, you get should your dampers at Hoogenboom Valves. This company has thirty years of experience with designing and producing numerous types of industrial damper valves.

The creation of flue dampers

Hoogenboom Valves uses a high-end 3D software to design and manufacture almost any type of flue damper. The bespoke louvre valves for example, are able to withstand temperatures of up to 1100 degrees Celsius. Whichever damper you need for your industrial boiler depends on the type, but also on the situation and environment in which it will be used. The dampers are made of different types of materials, such as stainless steel. Hoogenboom Valves offers several types, such as:

  • Butterfly damper valves
  • Blocking air damper valves
  • Bypass or diverter damper valves

Various sizes and shapes available

This company stocks an extensive range with flue dampers of various sizes and shapes. Should you require new industrial dampers? Hoogenboom Valves is likely containing every model you will ever need! Even special dampers can be produced for your business.

Contact this no-nonsense company

Unlike many other manufacturers, this company never beat around the bush. They are known for their no-nonsense approach. This approach centers around clear communication and prices. Do you have any questions about buying flue dampers or would you like some personal advice? Just visit the website of this company and get in touch! Whatever you need, the professional employees can most likely arrange it for you. Just let them know what you need, and they make it happen.