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Visit France To Explore These Things In A Different Style This Year

France is a country that offers a well-rounded trip to travel enthusiasts. From the gastronomic cuisines to the magnificent landscapes and fairytale castles, the country has so much for the romance seekers. Still, at the same time, with its contemporary progress, it gives a glimpse of a modern progressive country.

Traveling a foreign land could be much more fun if you are exploring it on your own. So, how about visiting the mentioned tourist attraction in France while having a car on rent? Travelling could be a lot more convenient by having a vehicle of your own. So why not to get a car on rent in France from the best Rental companies like Autoprio and make your visit a memory to be cherished forever? But first, let us discuss some of the highly famous tourist spots of France.

Get Art Struck By Galleries Of Musée Du Louvre

While in France, while not to have a look at the most ethereal assortment of art at the Musée du Louvre? The museum is the house to the famous Roman, Greek, Etruscan, and Egyptian treasures. You will be mesmerized by the glassy pyramid of the building in the first look. Musée du Louvre present the elegance and finesse of France by presenting the art of all form under one roof.

Visit The Symbol Of Romance-The Eiffel Tower

While in France, how can you miss the most visited monument of modern times— the Eiffel Tower? You have got to pay one visit to acknowledge why it is considered the best place for the marriage proposals. Built-in 1889, in commemoration of the French Revolution, the Eiffel Tower is a breathtaking sight with its million lights offering a perfect evening with your loved one.

A Tour To Chateau De Versailles

While in France, how about having a royal visit to one of the architecture masterpieces? The Chateau de Versailles is the collection of exquisite landscaping, meticulous lawns, jaw-dropping hall of mirrors, the glittery enfilade in bedrooms to the gold plated royal apartments, and there is nothing to left behind while visiting this historically rich palace.

Praise The Beauty Of Mont Saint-Michel

Looking for the natural forces in actions? Then head straight to the Mont Saint-Michel, a beautiful combination of Nature and medieval art. The Abbe is only 600 meters away from the land and offers the visitors easy access to one of the famous French tourist attractions. The Abbey is the magnificent depiction of heritage and symbol of French resistance to the English oppression during the century-long war.

Arenes De Nîmes

From the past 2000 years, the arena of Nîmes has been regarded as the most dominant historical factor. The only well-preserved amphitheater of the Roman era offers you a glimpse back into history. What makes this special are the heaven of antiquity is its proximity to the Ponte du Gard and Principality of Orange. Visit the Nîmes to witness the Roman Engineering in its full bloom.